Huff and Puff Above the Influence Virtual Run

Date: July 1st- August 31st

Too many people are being torn into a depressing life of drug abuse. This race is not only to make notice of this phenomenon, which seems to be hidden from reality, but to encourage those that need help to run with us. Running is a great transition to a healthy life style, full of great people that constantly act as a form of support. We set goals, reach them together, and even push each other. We would like you to run for someone who's life was taken by this poison and depression. The raised money will be going to a local addiction center and help fund community engagements towards fitness. 

?What is a Virtual Run
Have you ever wanted to run a race, but it did not allign with your schedule? A Virtual Run is the solution to that. With a virtual run you sign up to receive a T Shirt and Medal, just like any other race, except there is no exact location for the race. Thats right! You start and stop whenever and where ever you like on your own terms. This allows the convenience of your busy schedule with the perks of race bling and the donation to the charity the race is for. A T Shirt and Medal will be shipped directly to you. After you run, post a picture of you with your T Shirt and Awesome Medal! If you would like, post your stats, like: How far you ran, your time, and even where you ran. Don't be afraid to throw some Bur Pees in there as well! ;)

How Do I Sign Up?

  1. 1st
    Follow Link to Pay Ticket
    Buying this T Shirt also includes the price of your medal and donation. It is essentially the ticket. We are using this site because it conveniently delivers the T Shirt directly to you. *This is where you pay*
  2. 2nd
    Follow Link to Register
    Follow this link to Eventbrite where you will register as a participant. This allows us to obtain your address, so we can mail your medal to you.
  3. 3rd
    Once you receive your bling, go ahead and run your desired course. It can be any distance, at any pace, and at any location you wish. Once finished, post a picture on our Facebook page spreading the word! You may include your distance, time, and location if you wish! - Participants with the Best Pictures will win FREE tickets to Huff and Puff Obstacle Run 2018!

T Shirts

Here are what the       TShirts look like. Medal designs are TBD!
The scourge of heroin continued to wage relentless and deadly war on Ohio in 2016. At least 500 people died from drug-related overdoses in the past year in Cuyahoga County alone. Thousands more died similar deaths throughout the state.
The Kaiser analysis, compiled from U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention information, showed Ohio had the highest number of deaths from synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl and carfentanil, with 590 deaths out of 5,544 nationally, or 7.4 percent.
Run with those that Need Help
Spead the Awareness
Run for those that Fallen
Run for a friend or loved one that had fallen to this disease. 
Encourage those that need help to join! This is the start to their new life! Reach out someone that needs help and be open minded.
Show everyone this great cause that you are part of! Post of Social Media and pass the word on to someone in a different City, State, Country! 


Huff and Puff Racing Inc. would like to be the first to open our arms to anyone that is in need of help. We have listed a number of resources below as well as a contact form to contact with any questions or signs to reach out. We are here for you and have open arms to getting you back on your feet. 
Addiction Center
Recovery Center
Suicide Crisis Center
Drug Free
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.
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