Huff and Puff Racing

Healthy and Active Together

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Are there any Discounts?
    Yes. There will be Holiday specials and chances to win free tickets, however the discount will only get as low as the early bird discount at $40. Price will increase as we get closer to the event.
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    Is there an Age Limit?
    Obstacle Run- 10+ <18 requires parent signature and <16 is encouraged to run with an adult. Wine Package- 21+
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    Are their Refunds?
    Under normal circumstances, No. Due to the coordination of the event, we have a strict no refund policy. There is event insurance that may be purchased for full refund. Tickets ARE transferable.
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    Where can I find the waiver?
    Online in the registration, which is required. You will also sign one on-site.
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    Are Spectators Allowed?
    Of Course! Bring friends and family along to cheer you on! Don't feel bad making them wait. We have plenty for them to do at our festival area, located at the Start/finish line. We also have spectator trails to follow along and take pictures.
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    Are Pets Allowed?
    No. Pets are NOT allowed onsite.
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    Is there a Baggage Hold, Showers, Changing Room?
    Yes, Yes, and Yes. There will be a FREE baggage hold, showers and changing rooms onsite. Bring a towel and change of clothes. We will supply the soap, if you don't bring your own. The changing rooms are closed tents (Community for M and F) with a rack and bench.
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    Can I Volunteer?
    Yes! We are looking for volunteers. Click or go to the registration page to sign up as volunteer. Check out the perks of volunteering on event info page.
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    Is there a deadline for T Shirts?
    Yes! Make sure you sign up by May 1st to receive a T Shirt.
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    What Swag will I get?
    Every Participant will receive a T shirt (Time restraint), Awesome Medal, String Bag, 9 oz. Huff and Puff Cup, Wrist Band, and a bunch of goodies from our local companies.
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    Is this a qualifying event for USA/Worlds?
    Currently No. However, we are in the process of setting this up, SO STAY TUNED!
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    What should I bring?
    Bring a Photo I.D., change of clothes, Towel, Shoes/clothes you don't mind getting dirty, money for after food and beverages
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    What does it mean "Unlimited Laps"?
    Exactly what it says! You buy one ticket, and you can run as many laps as you'd like! You will receive a medal (from last year) for every lap you finish.
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    What do volunteers receive?
    You help us out. We hook you up! Get an awesome T Shirt (See picture on event page), medal, personal certificate, breakfast, string bag, a snack and water.
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    Do I have to complete every obstacle?
    Unless you are in the competitive wave, NO. We encourage you to at least try everything! You will be surprised what you can do! There are obstacles for both the elite and the beginners. Only one way to learn and there is nothing to it, but to do it.
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    Is this a Race?
    Unless you are in the competitive wave, NO! Take your time! Have fun! Have someone follow you and take pictures. Retry obstacles. There are soo many obstacles that you will find that this event doesn't even have much running.

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    Is there a fee for parking?
    Yes. There are 3 options for parking with three different prices. $5 (Standard), $10 (Preferred), and $15 (VIP). We have a Fee to pay off the transportation to and from the parking space. We do not have a conveniently placed spot for parking at our location.
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    Will there be a kids race?
    No. We are focusing all of our energy for the main race this year. If we have time, we might have an interactive play area for kids with fun games and challenges to win prizes.
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    What are the competitive awards?
    We have awards for the age groups: <18, 18-29, 30-50, 50>, Athena/Clydesdale Division (Females: 160+lbs, Males: 220+lbs) Awards will be top 3 of each age group for both Male and Female. Then the top overall 3 competitors. Winners will go on stage at 12 PM to receive an awesome medal with your name on it! Bronze, Silver, and Gold, Extra Heavy! We are working up additional awards to be handed out to those that complete the course without failing an obstacle. Top 3 overall will receive an extra large medal (Bronze, Silver, Gold), a Chipotle Card, and a free ticket to our next race.
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    Why is there Wine and not Beer?
    If you take a close look at the venue you will notice it is located at a winery (The Klingshirn Winery). They do SOO much to help us with this race, so we do this for them. Wine is also stronger ;) and debatably healthier!
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    I lOVE the T shirt! Where can I get one?
    We will have additional T Shirts onsite for sale, as well as an online store that will deliver directly to you. We will create a variety of options, so there Is something for everyone!
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    Will there be pictures taken?
    Of course! We will have a team of photographers onsite with high quality cameras to get your action shots. We will also have drones, and video cameras as well. Feel free to invite a personal photographer (Spectator), to follow you along the course and take pictures.
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    What is the 5K short course option?
    To keep it simple we have one price for the entire course (Not including competitive). Along the course there will be short-cut options, for those that do not want to run the entire distance. There will be a sign that will list the obstacles you are missing by skipping. Depending on how you feel you can continue or cut it short. Take a look at the map to get an idea.
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    I want to sponsor your event.
    Awesome! We LOVE our sponsors and all they do for us. They make the event possible! Go ahead and send a request below. If you have a cool sponsorship idea go ahead and ask and we will see what we can do.
If you have more questions please contact us